My name is Domenico De Vivo and I work in the engineering team for Concept2 UK. Over 2014 I became interested in the Raspberry Pi and how it could be used along with the Concept2 Rower to make some fun projects or some serious rowing analysis, and provide a little more live data than the monitor can provide on its LCD screen. me

I should say at this point that I do have a Masters Engineering Degree from Staffordshire University and have used several programming languages both during my study years and long after for personal and commercial projects. So I decided to learn Python since I'd heard so many good things about it as well as it being the language for which the Raspberry Pi is based around. (Although since then I realised you need to know some Linux commands too in order to fully control your projects.)

Also, I am not a rower and have only ever used the Indoor Rower for personal workouts (and not that frequently either if I am honest) but I have been at C2UK since 1996. At first it started as a part time job during holidays from university, but in 1999 I began working 3 days a week whilst working on my final project to complete my Master Degree. Then in the summer of 2000 I was employed full time to the present day (Jan 2015), a mere 18 years down. 

Right from the start I have been involved with repairing and servicing both the rower and the monitor, from the Model B, to the current Models D and E, and now adding the Dynamic rower Ski Erg and Ski Erg2, and each accompanying monitor from the PM1 to the current PM5. 

I felt I had a pretty good background to make something useful and fun at the same time so let me get my thinking cap on.