c2pymon calviewtThe C2 Py Monitor now has an extra view mode where you can see your Calorie statistics in the same layout as your Distance statistics. A keyboard attached to your Raspberry Pi is still required to start C2 Py Monitor and when in a session select '2' on the keyboard to switch to the new Calorie view. I've also added a more friendly error message to the splash screen if there happens to be a problem connecting to your Concept2 Performance monitor. 

For those developers who are learning from the coding, I also tidied up the script a little and improved the commenting so its easier to see what is happening. 

To download C2 Py Monitor v1.1, please go to the Downloads section.

I hope this is useful for someone whether you are using this as intended as an extension to your monitor screen or as a learning example for those writing application using Pygame for the Raspberry Pi. Please feel free to reply by email to me with any feedback you have.