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Based on the Concept2 Fish Game which first appeared on the PM3 in 2003, and continued to feature on the PM4 and the PM5 devices as a fun rowing workout. This version is full colour, with sounds and animations and consists of 5 levels with bouns points and increased difficulty. 


Game Description

Meet Ufish the Fish, the C2 fish with an attitude problem. The object of the game is to help Ufish gobble up all the tiny goldfish in the deep sea for his lunch whilst avoiding his arch enemenies 'Big Goldy' and 'Red Snapper'. The game consists of 5 levels where Ufish must eat 5 goldfish to level up, but be careful as each level brings faster and faster goldfish and enemies. To quit and end the game at any point just hit the Esc key, or you can row all the way to the end of Level 5. 



c2 fishypi lvl1.1

Game Instructions

The in game screen will show: Total Meters Rowed, Current Pace, Current Level, Total Score and Level Gold Fish eaten.

Rowing Pace - Your rowing pace will send Ufish up and down the screen, and you can select your pace range before you start:

Easy - 2.00 - 3.35 /500m (top to bottom)

Hard - 1.25 - 3.00 /500m (top to bottom)

Pause rowing and Ufish will start sliding to the sea bottom.

Eat Gold Fish to earn 50 points but miss one and your score will be deducted by 10 points, similarly if you avoid an enemy fish your will earn 10 points, but lose 50 points if you are 'hit'. 

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You will receive 250 bouns points and the end of each level and the game ends when level 5 is reached and 5 gold fish are eaten, you will also receive a bonus 1000 points.


Game Requirements









Version 1.1:

  • New Background
  • Scrolling Foreground
  • Sounds (plug in a speaker to hear some fishy sounds effects)
  • Updated for PM5